29 December 2010

I hope that bad things do not come in threes...

The drama continues...

Mr. JB promised to take me to the C.oach outlet today (which is close to his dad's house) because I didn't really like one of his presents (he got me a ring that's white gold when I clearly wear yellow, but he's a man that doesn't pay attention to that kind of stuff). I knew that there was going to be a wait outside of the store so we decided that he was going to go down the street to pick me up some St.arbucks so I could keep warm.

That's when the fun stopped.

I was waiting for Mr. JB to return (the wait wasn't so long) so I could decide between the four purses that I picked out for myself. I was getting concerned so I called him. And I was totally taken aback by his response.

"I gotta go honey. I just got into an accident."

Thankfully he's okay, but his new car is absolutely not. The damage is so bad that I can't even open the passenger door.

He was turning into traffic and he thought that the cars were stopping to let him turn into traffic. He didn't see the car coming in the other lane. Luckily they both saw one another and both slowed down as much as they could. If Mr. JB was driving just a little faster the tone of this post would be much more dire. He missed getting drilled on his driver-side door by about 15 seconds.

Mr. JB is okay, but understandably shaken up. He feels stupid and embarrassed that he assumed that the cars were letting him into traffic -- I know, what a crazy thing!

We're lucky that most of the damage is on our car and the other guy has car repair connections. The other guy was quite nice and didn't seem too concerned about the damage on his van. We're going to call our insurance agent in the morning to see what we need to do. We thought, at first, that we could settle the damages outside of our insurance, but there is no way that the repair is going to cost less than $1000.

I can't wait to see what happens to our premiums!

I know that it could be worse. I could be sitting in a hospital room with my injured husband (with no C.oach purse!). When I got into my only car accident about ten years ago I was in rehab for two years and my back has never been the same. I am so glad that Mr. JB doesn't have to deal with that.

I know that he's been distracted because of all the family drama -- which has subsided somewhat. His dad has calmed quite a bit, but we are now quite worried about his brother. We know that all of his worries, real and imagined (particularly about our marriage) stem from his loneliness. We took it for granted that this stay in Italy was just like all the other stints overseas. He was very lucky when he was living in Montreal because he had made very good friends, particularly with one family that "adopted" him. Now that he's back in Rome he's back to living a solitary life.

My theory is that he wasn't prepared for the solitude that was waiting for him.

Mr. JB is still quite upset at his brother and I'm not quite sure what's going to happen when the daily S.kype between my BIL and FIL happens in the morning. I know that Mr. JB is not ready to talk to his brother, and now the stress of having to deal with repairing his car, he's had enough. My husband has a very low tolerance for stress and I know that he's at his limit.

So 2010 had to go out with a bang.

Please say a prayer that all of this drama, car and family, subsides soon.

p.s. Mr. JB's cousin's baby (yes, the one of the scandalous wedding) was born yesterday. A little girl. Let's just say I'm a bit envious.

p.p.s. My eye doctor has cleared me for driving and I can't believe how much better my vision is getting. The doctor mentioned that at my next appointment two weeks from now that he'll check to see if I need a little prescription. I doubt it since my eyes are clearer than they were WITH glasses!


  1. Ugh...I am sorry! So grateful that Mr. JB wasn't seriously hurt.

  2. Oh, man!!! I agree with JBTC, thank God he wasn't seriously hurt. So sorry for all the stressful situations!!!

  3. wow, yes.. agreed that your hubby wasn't seriously hurt!

  4. Thank God Mr. JB is ok! Can I nominate you guys for a vacation? You deserve one!

  5. Glad to hear Mr. JB is OK! Even with no injuries, car accidents are terrifying. Poor guy.

  6. Happy for the eyes getting better. Surgery on the eyes just makes me nervous so I'm happy to hear that.

    HATE to hear about the wreck. How scary! But yes, you are fortunate nothing happened to JB. That would have been horrible...hate to think about that.

    As far as the family drama, I'm so sorry about that. The worst part is that they can't talk face to face b.c of him being so far away. Skype...you can just walk away. Face to face is much better. BUT, I will pray on this part.


  7. I was just praying and thinking of this situation and you are probably right about his brother's loneliness. It makes sense. Of course, I don't think saying anything to him about his loneliness will help the situation. But I do think that if JB approaches it from the standpoint of how sad that comment made him, how far away from reality his is about that comment...something heartfelt and meaningful so that his brother understands that what you two have is a marriage...a bond...with GOD, happily.

    Just more thoughts..

  8. Oh no! That sucks :(. I'm so glad Mr. JB wasn't hurt, but what a mess!

  9. so glad he's ok! Glad to hear your eyes are doing so good too! I'm jealous!

  10. I'm so glad that everything is okay! Accidents are scary, even when it turns out just fine.

  11. OH no! NOt the new car!!!! Glad MR. JB is okay. 2010 will end soon, you will be okay!