19 December 2010

Goodbye glasses....

So it's the night before my laser eye procedure and I am way to sick to even be nervous. Mr. JB and I have been going full tilt all week and we hosted a dinner party and attended a family Kris Kringle today (where we had to make the bulk of the meal, not the turkey, but most of the fixings. We're hosting it next year so at least I won't have to cart my kitchen around the trunk of the car! Some of my cousins are just plain lazy!).

When we got home I started to feel really chilled and when I checked my temperature it was above normal. I checked before taking a shower and it was 38.6C. I took some A.dvil so hopefully it will help break it, but I really hope that my condition is not going to make them postpone the surgery.

I figured that I would catch what was ailing Mr. JB and most of my students. I had ten kids show up on Friday and eight missed the Christmas concert -- something unheard of for grade twos! The school custodian kept on peaking into my room to count my kids. He said to me, "What are you doing to your kids?"

It was so sweet though, all of the kids, with the exception of one, came by to drop off a present for me. Their moms said that they wanted to see me before the Christmas break. I'm so loved!

So Mr. JB takes me to the laser eye clinic for 9:15am. My mom is meeting us there and they will stay with me for the procedure. There's even a window where they can watch. My mom is going to, but Mr. JB said that he has no desire to be an observer. We'll see. I was told that it was going to take about three hours to complete all of the prep, although the actual surgery will take 45 seconds for my left eye and 50 for the other.

I was given a bunch of paperwork that I was told to read beforehand (which I did), but I have to sign at the clinic. I know that the big part is the paying part -- $4290 on our A.mex! Thank God we earn cash back on it! I printed out my claim form so Mr. JB is going to be able to mail it straightaway. Our insurance company is going to put a HUGE red flag on my file. Aside from all of the drugs they pay and this procedure, I have another $2000 claim that is getting mailed separately (for my LDN, RMT and chiropractor). I am totally taking advantage of their coverage! I hope that the company is speedy with our reimbursement so I don't have to pay interest, but I'm not holding my breath!

So please say a prayer for me tomorrow morning. I asked our parish priest and he said that St. Lucy is the patron saint of eyes (he did an excellent homily on St. Joseph today, he's the patron saint of so many things, but that's a post for another time!). I am sure that the procedure will go well. I definitely think that the 72 hours of no computer, TV or reading is going to be a killer.

Btw, it will be Peak +14 tomorrow, and no I will not POAS since that brings on AF! They will be giving me A.tivan to calm my nerves for the surgery and I did some research and long term use causes birth defects. I don't think that one dose is going to be harmful IF BY SOME HUGE FLUKE I am pg. My only symptoms are tiredness and sore boobs (Mr. JB said last week that they looked different, he couldn't elaborate, but he did comment and I'm also sick as a dog so that could be the reason why I'm pooped).  But wouldn't it be so funny if I was. Dr. Nora did say that the bleeding that I had post-Peak could've been due to implantation.

Yeah right. ;)

p.s. Mr. JB will be updating my blog and I will be on my trusty phone so I can update in the comment area.


  1. Wow. I'm praying for you!!!! For the surgery and obviously that AF doesn't show up!!!!!! :)

  2. You are in my prayers for tomorrow - I am super excited for you! Hope you feel better as well

  3. Good luck ! how exciting! a wonderful gift for yourself for christmas!

  4. I thought that too, implantation bleeding, but wasn't really sure if I understood the whole charting thing!

    Good luck with the eyes!

    Ps have you ever had your progesterone checked post ovulation? Maybe a little supplementation?

    Please forgive if I missed the post about progesterone!

  5. For mine, I wasn't nervous at all until I was waiting for my turn and realized they had a tv in the waiting room, showing the up-close view of the person before me having the surgery. EWWW. Luckily it was so quick - so easy. I didn't have any drugs for relaxation b/c it was such a short procedure - they just did the numbing the eye ball thing.
    72 hrs without reading, TV or computer would drive me nuts. I think I just had to wear sunglasses...but can't remember. Napping while listening to Christmas music seems to be your only option :).
    Good luck!

  6. I hope everything goes well and that you feel better. Getting what your students have is just one of the occupational hazards of teaching...right?

  7. MAN!!!
    I am jealous about the surgery and SO hopeful about the P+14.

    Extra prayers for ya!

  8. I wish I could say good bye to my glasses! But, we don't have vision insurance so it is out of the question!
    Praying that you update us with great news...on both topics!

  9. Hello All,

    It's me, Mr. JB.

    JB is feeling some discomfort but is feeling okay. She is feeling tired from the Ativan. When she gets more rest, I will update more.

    Take care,

    Mr. JB

  10. So glad it's all done, I was nervous for you.

    Praying for us both... hoping the year's final week puts us on the upswing. from this one..

  11. Wow, I'm glad your doing ok. I have been thinking about getting this done for a long time, since I am blind! but it makes me nurvous. I cant' wait to hear how you do and how it all works out for you.

  12. Thanks for the update Mr. JB!!! I hope the recovery goes smoothly and there is another surprise - your eyesight comes back well enough to read a + on a HPT in a couple of days! Ha!! That would be awesome!!!!!

  13. Yay! You must be into your 72 hour 'no eye' zone by now! Enjoy it - there aren't too many times in life we can unplug. :)

  14. I'm illicitly on my iPhone! My vision is blurrier than I thought it was going to be. I'm staring to get bored, but as that came so did the pain so I took some Atvan and that fixed that!

    Aa for AF, she arrived yesterday. No Christmas miracle here :(

  15. Hope recovery is swift! Sorry about AF.

  16. Been thinking of you! Sorry about AF but I'm glad the surgery went well!!

  17. So happy everything wen't well with the surgery. I was thinking about you on my way home to Nova Scotia but couldn't check to see if you were ok until now. So relieved!!!