13 June 2008

Suprisingly sad

I'm married to a political junkie, and I married into a family that loves to discuss politics, especially American. So needless to say, I'm quite saddened that Tim Russert has passed away so suddenly.

Mr. JB gets up early every Sunday morning and watches his show Meet the Press religiously before mass every Sunday. He missed last Sunday's episode because he was away with the boys and he watched the podcast so he didn't miss anything. I would have to say that Mr. JB and his brother are his biggest fans (apparently my BIL started to cry when he called Mr. JB with the news). Although I'm already supersaturated with the current presidential campaign, I really enjoyed watching Tim on TV, which says a lot since I tried to avoid watching too much.

It's so sad when someone so talented and dedicated to his work passes away so suddenly.

God bless you Mr. Russert, you will be missed.


  1. Funny, I just posted something on my blog too.

    I'm not one of those, or didn't think I was, who got wrapped up into t.v. personalities - feeling a kind of bond -- but I have to say, I am deeply sad. I did feel like I knew him, and strangely as if he was 'one of my own.'

    Terribly sad for his family, his son. My heart goes out to all of them.


  2. I am still not believing that Tim Russert is actually gone.

    Life is short.