17 June 2008

Spinning my wheels

Although I'm so glad that school is going to be done on the 26th I always feel strangely stressed out at this time of year. I guess this year end is bringing the sadness of leaving my school and my students as well as a move (that hopefully won't be too painful) to an unfamiliar situation, so I think that I have an excuse.

I broke the news to my class that I was leaving this morning and I ended up with kids breaking down and crying for most of the morning. One girl started and then they all seemed to start. I tried to explain to them that it was a good opportunity, but it's hard to reason with ten year olds. You see, I usually teach my class for two years in a row. In our Middle Immersion program that starts in grade five I teach the 5's in the morning and the 6's in the afternoon. The sixes didn't react too badly since I wasn't going to be their teacher anyway. I'm very proud of myself that I didn't cry along with the kiddies (something that I've done more than once), but I guess I should feel good that they were so upset. I really hope that they're nice to the new teacher....

So not only am I procrastinating -- I'm almost finished my report cards, but I just can't seem to compel myself to finish them! -- I'm absolutely exhausted. I'm feeling better with this round of progesterone troches (which I'm definitely getting in a different flavour next month, the "strawberry" flavouring is not tasty at all), but now I'm spotting again. I'm at Peak +9 today (I think 10 DPO, if I have my lingo right) and I was told that the progesterone would make my cycles longer. Alas, two months of progesterone and nothing has changed. Does anyone have any advice? I'm going to see my doc on Friday and hopefully she will have some advice, but I'm also scared that she's going to put me on antibiotics for a uterine infection (when I saw her in May she did a Pap test and my cervix started to bleed and she suspects that I have an infection, although I can't remember what it's called!). I'm just hoping that if I do have to take antibiotics that she can find one that I'm not allergic to since I'm allergic to all of the major ones.

I can't wait until July 11th. I am in serious need of a vacation!

Update: I just finished my report cards. Let's hope that my teaching partner finds some giddy up so she's done before Friday!!!! AND I also figured our GoogleReader. I think that I've found a way to read my favourite blogs at school! Woohoo!


  1. Well I am taking prometrium orally and I do have a 14 day luteal phase, but I never really had a problem there. I am basically taking it to prevent cysts from forming on my ovaries.

    It is working to keep the cysts away, but we still aren't pregnant so I am wondering whether we should move to injections. P says that the vaginal suppositories are even better than oral pills. I just hate the thought of having to take it that way every night. I don't mind popping the pill, it actually helps me to sleep and puts me in a happy mood.

  2. Do you want to try B6? It's supposed to help to lengthen LP.

    E.g., read this:


    B6 + multi B vitamins help to put me in a serene mood too :)

  3. Spotting is evil and can make a woman go mad, so my heart goes out to you. Have you ever had a saline sonogram, just to check for polyps?

    My other suggestion based on my own experience is Chinese herbs and acupuncture. While I still had some spotting until my polyps were removed, it was much, much less thanks to TCM. That would conform, I believe, with your faith, too, right?

    But if your cervix is very sensitive, the spotting could be from your cervix. Is that necessarily due to infection? I was misdiagnosed with an infection based on my spotting, and given a terrible course of antibiotics, so I feel your pain. Make sure they actually do a culture or blood test to figure out if and what you have before you get an rx.

    But most of all, I'm so sorry you're having to face these setbacks. I know how very frustrating it can be: I was put on antibiotics, prog supplements, thyroid meds, etc. before someone finally found the polyps and stopped the madness. Four doctors, four years...

    Sending big hugs your way!

  4. oral progesterone never worked for my lp.

    i always took prometrium intravaginally. 2 pills 100 mg each min. ideally 4 pills 100 mg each per day. half in the am half in the pm

    ask your doc about the increase and definitely do something about the infection. and don't forget to get your hubby tested and treated as well or you will just get reinfected.

  5. YAY for finishing the report cards, it's so sweet that the kids cried!

    I'm no help with your progesterone question, I've only ever used Crinone so am not sure about the other stuff. Hope you find some answers xx

  6. to answer your question shinejil: yes, i've had a saline sonohysterogram and everything is free an clear. the doctor did a swab so there is proof that i have the infection.

    the doc did ask if my periods had gotten longer and mr. JB piped up and said a very definite yes and the doc said that was a definite indication of the bacteria.