18 March 2008

A little kindness

I've been pushing myself really hard as of late. 

This week alone I have way too many things on the go. Here's the laundry list:

1. I organized a school-wide retreat for the entire student body. Almost 4oo kids. Organizing teachers is a total pain. Adults have a really hard time listening, kids are so much easier to manage.

2. I'm reading in a drama performance after the school-wide retreat.

3. My class is doing another drama presentation for the entire school (parents are invited too) on Thursday.

4. I have a major assignment due tomorrow for my online course AND two other smaller assignments also due tomorrow.

5. I have report cards which I haven't even started.

6. I have to figure out how to see my family and my in-laws and fit in all of the schoolwork I have to do this weekend.

7. Try to make a baby (according to my cervical mucus, I'm very fertile right now). 

So instead of going to yoga this evening (a class that I almost never miss) I decided to take a nap. Mr. JB was very proud of me. I was very proud of me. I decided that I was going to be kinder to myself. I know that a stressed out JellyBelly is not going to make a baby, it's just going to make me crazier. 

Now I just have to get to work. Argh.


  1. Good for you! You've got to be kind to yourself; no one else is going to do it, right? Sometimes pushing too hard, even when it involves healthful activities, is worse than laziness.

    Why you are cool: you know what a keytar is (yes!) and you involve your students and yourself in drama projects.

  2. I'm glad you took care of yourself when you needed it; thta's a lot of stress and commitment on your shoulders. I hope it lightens up.