15 March 2008

Fruitful Posting

Can you tell that I'm procrastinating?

I have a mountain of marking and a HUGE assignment for my online course that's due on Wednesday, and I haven't started any of it!!!! 

Before I run out to get my all-time favourite take-out (Pad Thai and calamari from Tasty Thai, and yes, it is so tasty!), I'm going to list a couple of things that are on my mind:

1. I was supposed to be at a birthday party for Mr. JB's cousin's son, but instead I stayed home and watch my favourite NCAA team, Duke, get creamed. I only felt a little bit guilty. I really wanted to hang out with the little guy, but I didn't want to be around yet another pregnant woman (the cousin's wife) or anyone else's babies. That's selfish, I know, but I'm still on March Break and I'm doing whatever I want. So there.

2. I'm really happy that all of my vacation laundry is almost done. Our bed is made with fresh sheets and my house is looking really nice. I don't know why it makes me so happy to get everything put away and tidied, but it does.

3. I spent most of my afternoon posting photos of our trip on Facebook. I know that I'm going to be stressed out tomorrow since I've been avoiding work, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

4.  I decided that until further notice I am avoiding all baby showers, even for people that I like. My brain can't handle any more pretending to be excited for other people. 

5. Lent is almost over so I can have Starbucks again. I never thought that it would be so hard to give up Chai Lattes.

6. I've lost five pounds since getting the flu and I'm thinking that I'm looking pretty good. I'm so vain. 

7. I got Leonard Cohen tickets this morning. I'm so psyched. 

So there, now that my brain is empty I'm going to be able to hunker down to work. Hopefully I won't find any new distractions!


  1. Leonard Cohen! I'm so envious.

    You're making the right call to avoid parties that won't be any fun for you.

  2. i was feeling a bit decadent with just coming home from vacation, but i couldn't resist. he's so cool, it hurts!

  3. You have every right to refuse any and all baby showers, pregnant women, or whatever else. Do what you need to do to stay healthy! I am one of those people too who derives great pleasure from things being put away and tidy.

  4. I have even decided to avoid most family funtions in general, so don't feel the least bit bad about avoiding baby showers.

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