2 May 2014

Running for my life

Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I am running my first 5K this Sunday (don't worry, I'm going to mass Saturday night. I need all the prayers I can muster!).

Originally I was supposed to run 10K, but I was plagued with illness after illness and my training went down the tubes.

I'm petrified. It's one thing to run on a treadmill or on my own outside (not that there's been much of that since it's so cold or rainy or cold and rainy up here), but in a crowd of many experienced runners? Eeeek!

Running has been a saving grace for me this past year. I started a year ago, and I didn't think it would be possible to run a kilometre, let alone five without dying.

I'm offering up this race for all of you still slogging it out in the TTC world, as well as for all of us that are waiting to be matched in adoptions.

So, if you're so inclined at about 9:30am (EST) please say a quick prayer that I can make it to the finish line!

Is there a patron saint for running????


  1. St. Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes...
    Way to go! I'm sure there are many who feel the way you do. As I like to say, "fake it till you make it"...the pro runner that is ;)
    There will be prayers from me!

  2. Thank you for keeping us "waiters" in mind while you are running....and you are one determined woman...you'll make it across that finish line...if you can deal with IF you can run! Go Girl!

  3. There will be some runners slower than you and some faster. Just do your best and have fun. ;)

  4. I will be thinking of you.. Running is a good release, on top of being good exercise. Congrats on your first 5K

  5. I hope you enjoyed the race!

  6. I hope you did great!! I admire you greatly for running!!

  7. Good for you for getting out there! I'll be interested to see a race recap if you write one, but I bet you'll find (based on my experience) that there will be lots of not-as-experienced runners like you running that 5K

  8. Good luck! You will be great I'm sure! Like the above commenters said, running is a great release. I hope it is therapeutic for you!

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