11 May 2014

I survived

Today was my ninth Mother's Day. 

My ninth as an infertile woman. 

I'm almost thankful that it was also my school's First Communion because I was able to focus on something else besides my sorry self. 

It was all good until the priest made the mothers in the congregation stand up. I was thankful for the fidgety kid that couldn't pay attention for the life of him. 

But this year was a bit different.

We're waiting for our homestudy to be approved. All of our paperwork has been submitted and we have to wait to be paired with a social worker with C.AS. 

I'm essentially pg on paper. 

And my crazy mother was a little less crazy today. She felt sorry for me for having to work on a Sunday, so she made us dinner. After we ate we took her out for ice cream. 

Oh, how I wish she could always be less crazy. 

I have prayed this for almost ten years, but I really hope that this is my last childless Mother's Day. I think I've spent enough time in barren purgatory. 

Thank God for margaritas and vegan, gluten-free cupcakes! 


  1. I had you in my thoughts and prayers today, well, all weekend :)
    Cheers on the margarita!!

  2. (((Hugs))) you survived!! I'm glad your mom made your day a little more bearable. I pray that this is your last Mothers Day without a child in your arms!

  3. I'm glad that your day wasn't too terrible and my prayers for you is that this is your last Mother's Day without a little one by your side. Know you're in my prayers often pretty lady. By the way, that cupcake and margarita look amazing! ;)

  4. Praying it is your last childless one to!

  5. I will be a sobbing mess if you post a 1st Mother's Day with a kid picture next year! It's been a long road for you baby! I'm in your fan club! :-)

  6. Those cupcakes look delish! You should definitely post the recipe :) I'm so glad to hear that this Mother's Day was just a little easier...praying that next Mother's Day is heaven on earth for you :)

    1. I wish I could send you the recipe, but I bought them! Sorry!

  7. My dinner consisted of cupcakes too !

  8. I am hoping and praying that this was your last childless Mother's Day too!!

  9. I never thought about counting barren Mother's Days....it's good you had a diversion...and I did as well. Last Mother's day...my brother's step daughter announced she was pg with twins. I had a good day until then....glad this one came without any big announcements for both of us!

  10. I'm hoping and praying that next year you'll have a child in your arms! I was really thankful that this year our priest included the mother's blessing after everyone had already stood up for the final blessing. I thought that was a great way of doing it and had never seen that before. My heart and prayers are with you!

  11. I survived 9 childless mothers days so I knew your pain. I pray that this was your last without a child to hold!

  12. Praying that it is your last, too!!! Hoping your pg on paper goes smoothly. :)