22 October 2008

Take three

This evening marks my third foray into jabbing myself in the stomach with needles. Mr. JB has just gone to the drug store (thank God it's open until midnight!) because our regular pharmacy gave him my prescription, but didn't sell him needles. Duh!

I've been really down since the cake-baking fiasco of this past weekend. My teaching partner is driving me absolutely crazy. Not only can she not speak French properly, she also lies through her teeth about how quiet and well-behaved her class is. She seems to forget that we share a wall and that I can hear EVERYTHING that is going on in her room. She had the audacity to say that her class is just good without any sort of help when we were at a meeting last week. I almost choked on my tea since the day before I heard her yelling at a student that she wasn't going to explain something to him because he needed to pay closer attention.

Yes gentle readers, she said that to a six year old.

In my class of 21 I have four kids that can't read at all and the majority are just beginning to read. She expects that all of her students function at a much higher level and she won't bend to their needs. Today my class sat in on some learning carpet activities (we use it for math reinforcement and letter recognition) after lunch. Although she took the much bigger classroom (it's one and a half my room!) there was barely any space since all of the kids had their lunches still out and there were coats and books on the floor.

I realize that I am moving a lot slower than my partner, but my students know the classroom routine. They know how to hang up their jackets, put away their lunches and snacks, and they are learning how to sit quietly and put up their hands. My class is also working on simple things like writing their names on their worksheets as well as the date. Whereas my teaching partner thinks that the students should already be writing paragraphs!

We are teaching grade one, yes?????

I keep on reminding myself that I should not get stressed out about what is going on in her classroom. I need to distance myself from the craziness that she is creating, but it is so hard for me to not feel horrible for the 22 kids in her care. I've started to tell her that my class just isn't as advanced as hers when she tries to push activities that are above grade level. I have also been telling her that my class is so bad behaved that I don't feel comfortable doing certain things that she wants to do.

My gym teacher and my librarian have both said that my class is better behaved, but I don't know if she has any idea that hers are just nuts. I really don't understand why someone would apply for a job when they don't like children. She has said numerous times that she hates teaching 6 year olds -- which makes no sense to me since the job posting said GRADE ONE FRENCH IMMERSION!!!!! Last time I checked grade one aged children were six.


I really hope that I don't strangle her before Christmas.

Mr. JB is almost home from the drug store. I'll keep you all posted.

Please send good needle vibes my way!


  1. Ah, that picture looks so familiar! The pharmacy did the same thing to me once.

    Hey, I came across a study that found women with BMI below 27.5 who had taken hCG injections were at a significantly lower risk of breast cancer! That made me feel good--I may not be pregnant, but I'm reducing my cancer risk! :)

    It sounds like you're a great teacher. I feel sorry for the kids in your partner's class!

  2. Don't stress about the other teacher hon, it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job.

  3. Happy, swift injects!

    If you can distance yourself from the annoyance of the other gal, do so. Just avoid all unnecessary contact with her. She sounds really irritating. You're clearly doing an excellent job, and that's all you can do.

  4. sending you good vibes, great vibes...

    And grew the other teacher... just think about what a fantastic foundation you are giving your kids this year. So important!!

  5. Just and FYI - I have a closet full of syringes, you know, in case you are ever out of them.

  6. Ummmm, your partner sound like my sons newbie french teacher....any way you could let another teacher in charge or the principal know she has some issues? Maybe she needs some coaching or something?