20 August 2008

Where did the rest of my summer vacation go?

So I haven't been jetlagged for the entire month, I've just been so ridiculously busy trying to enjoy the month of August (which is basically impossible for any teacher!). I am so glad that we went away for most of July since I really don't feel like I'm in vacation mode at all.

I've spent the better part of the last two weeks attending workshops to get me prepared for the big grade change and getting my classroom ready. The only problem is that I am missing 75% of the things that I should have. I don't even have a piece of chalk! It's going to be pretty interesting starting the year off with only a quarter of my resources and most of my classroom furniture missing! I don't even have a desk! I can't even commandeer one of the children's desks since they're in grade one and they're too small!

Anyhow, before I melt down (and trust me, I'm trying to be as positive as possible at this point) we do have a few developments in the TTC saga. We saw our Napro doctor at the beginning of the month and I was told that since the oral progesterone didn't make any difference with my luteal phase and the brown bleeding that she's switching me to injections. Which made me almost throw up.

You see I am petrified of needles. When the doc showed Mr. JB how to get the needle ready I had to leave the room because I felt so nauseous. When he did the practice injection I had to hold onto the examining table so I didn't make a break for it. I know that it has to be done and that hopefully this will be the answer to my progesterone problem, but my fear is quite irrational (but even knowing that doesn't make it any better).

I'm pretty stressed right now since Mr. JB is going away for the last week of August and I have to administer the needles myself. My best friend is also going to be away so I can't even ask her to do it. I've been working up to it, but I just can't imagine sticking myself with a needle when I can't even look at one.

Does anyone have any advice or would like to come to my house for four evenings and give me the damned things?

I know that in the end when I have my little baby that the needles won't matter, but at this point I'm really thinking that adoption is a good option....


  1. I hate needles, too--I'm sorry you have to do injections! It's been almost two years since the doctor had me start giving myself hCG injections. Are these progesterone injections or hCG? Where do you have to have them? (With hCG, I always do the injections in the thigh--don't know why, but it freaks me out less.)

    This may be lame advice, but I have to do it really slowly--if I do the "quick darting motion" thing, I sit there trying to psych myself up forever. I just find a spot and then very slowly push the needle in. For some reason, it doesn't freak me out as much that way, though it does hurt a bit more! My husband started doing my injections this year, which is great (for me, anyway--he hates needles, too!), but I'll have to do them if he's out of town.

    Is there anyone you can ask to do them for you in place of your husband while he's out of town? If not the doctor, is there a family member or friend who could come in and learn how to do them?

  2. I can come stick you if you want.

  3. I can help, although I'm not sure where you are in the GTA? Also, you could go to a walk-in clinic anytime, and they will do it.

    I'm not sure why you have to do that when you could use the prometrium vaginally instead. (It never works orally.) If you really can't bear the thought of injections, ask about doing the prometrium in the hoo-haa. It works perfectly that way for me, and it doesn't slip out or get all gooey the way the other progesterone suppositories do.

  4. It is terrifying, even for those of us who don't have a particular aversion to needles, to do the first shot. It doesn't hurt much (though I've yet to shoot up prog), but I don't think that's really the central part of the fear, right? I like to ice the spot and do some deep breathing as my ass numbs.

    Aurelia is right--there are other delivery methods that many REs think are equally effective. Maybe there are alternatives to the injects...

    Thinking of you and sending lots of warm wishes and courage your way! If you can handle a room of 1st graders, you can do this!