22 August 2008

Call me crazy...

I know I just lamented about hating needles, but I just decided that I just have to be a big girl and learn how to do it.

There it's in print. I can't go back on it now.

I figure that I've come this far in the infertile wilderness that I can stand sticking myself in the belly twice before Mr. JB gets back from his trip. I even volunteered to do the first needle while he's still in town, just in case I chicken out.

Please, please send me some good sticking vibes.

I'm so brave. I'm so brave. I'm so brave.

(If I say it enough will be come true??????)

p.s. A BIG thanks to My Reality for volunteering to stick me in the butt. You rock!


  1. You are very brave hon :)

  2. You ARE brave! And you definitely can do it! Sending you lots of good sticking vibes . . .

  3. I still can if you need it. :)