13 July 2008

Smelling the Sunflowers

One of the reasons why I love France so much is all of the history. Although I am a very proud Canuck, I just can't get over how everything in Europe is so old! Take for example the apartment that I lived in, it was 400 years old! Canada only turned 141 on July 1st, as a nation we're mere children!

Anyhow, today we visited Versailles. It was a beautiful day. We didn't get the rain that was forcasted and it was perfect weather for sightseeing. The four of us were pretty bleary eyed and we took turns having the sleepies, but we had an incredible visit. JY and I had been to the castle before, but our other halves hadn't. We visited today because the fountains were going to be on for their "eaux musicales" -- basically loud classical music plays while the numerous fountains were on (I know that my description doesn't give the spectacle any justice, it was truly beautiful).

We visited Marie-Antoinette's little retreat where she would go to "get away from it all" which I find hilarious since it was on the same property as the castle. Apparently when she departed the castle so she could have some alone time the servants and her attendants would have a big send off ceremony!

I was glad to see more of the grounds since the last two times I visited Versailles I did a tour of the castle -- which is breathtaking. Room after room of velvet brocade wallpaper, HUGE oil paintings taking up entire walls, beds topped with feathers and of course the famous hall of mirrors. If you haven't seen Sofia Coppola's movie about Marie-Antoinette you should check it out, although it doesn't do the castle justice. I absolutely loved the beautiful gardens. There were some crazy tall sequoias and all of the roadways were lined with perfectly manicured trees. I just wish I could have one of the gardeners at my house so my flowers and trees looked half as nice!

Unfortunately this morning AF decided to come on vacation with us. I had gotten a teensy weensy bit optimistic when we saw our Creighton practioner last week since she said that according to when we BD I had a good chance of being pregnant. I also had sore boobs for the first time in months which she said was a good sign.

Yeah right.

I also know that I have to go on the month-long course on antibiotics to treat the ureaplasma since I'm still spotting despite being on progesterone.

Oh well, at least I have Paris to distract me. Perhaps I can find some more flowers to smell...


  1. Oh, no! I'm so sorry about AF :( I hate when there are "signs" that she may possibly not come... and then, bam. That's the worst. But I guess the good part is that you are IN BEAUTIFUL FRANCE!!! If I had to get AF, then I suppose I'd take her in France :)

    Try to enjoy the rest of your vacation. I know that first day or two is rough, but it'll get better. Keep yourself busy with day trips and yummy desserts.

  2. I am sorry about the unwanted guest tagging along. I hope you are having a fantastic time and you must, must, must tell me about the FOOD! I want to hear it all - the cheeses, the pastries, the wine. Have some for me, ok?

  3. Sorry AF is tagging along, but, perhaps you can now enjoy stinky cheese without any worry, stinky cheese and wine and bread.. oh my.
    Have fun

  4. Sorry about AF, but at least you are in Paris, right? ;)

    And do tell about the food---I'd love to go to Paris and see things.

  5. Yes, enjoy Paris and don't worry about any spotting, antibiotics, or other nonsense. Make like Marie Antoinette. :)

  6. Sigh for you, and having to deal with the disappointment of AF. I look forward to more details of the beauty of France.