12 July 2008

My Happy Place

So we're here, jetlagged and exhausted, but well fed and quite happy with our little apartment in Paris. I'm the only one left awake since my travel companions are all tucked in bed, where I really should be.

The plane ride was surprisingly nice. We flew a charter, with many reservations since the last time we traveled to Europe our flight was horrendous. Lucky for us we had an empty seat to spread out in and although we were in coach, we had enough room to stretch out and get some rest.

We got our baggage and got on the RER to Paris with little effort, but I had my first little adventure when we tried to change from RER to the metro. I got stuck in a door! For those of you that have not travelled the Paris underground when you change from regional train (the RER) to the metro you have to go through a passthrough (I'm too tired to figure out the right words to describe it!) and in order to pass you have to insert your train ticket. Well my friend JY inserted her ticket but only one of the doors opened so she couldn't get through. In my infinite wisdom I told her to just go through with me -- something doable if you're a single person with no luggage. Well JY got through and I got stuck. I credit my extreme flexibility (yay yoga!) for getting me out of the door thinger. Mr. JB apparently was pretty worried since he had no idea what to do AND on top of it he has tennis elbow and can barely move his arm. Needless to say, we all had a good laugh.

We got to our rental apartment in the 13th arrondissement and were all pleasantly surprised. French standards of apartments are very different from those in North America. The apartment isn't palatial, but we do have a washer and dryer and a dishwasher! The 13th is a great neighbourhood and it's within walking distance to the Latin quarter. JY and I foraged for some food at the local Franprix grocery store and we brought the boys a baguette and some goodies for their post-nap treat.

It's amazing how quickly I feel at home in Paris. I sometimes think that I feel more at home here that I do in Toronto. There's something that's so alive and exotic about this city that I haven't felt anywhere else. Honestly, I would be completely content to sit a the brasserie around the corner for the next week and people watch.

So off I go to bed before I just start typing gibberish. Bonne nuit everyone, I'm blowing you all kisses from the other side of the Atlantic!


  1. Bonjour a Paris! I know the pain of the RER and trasnferring to the Metro. Glad you made it safe and sound and have a fabulous visit.

  2. Yay!!! How lucky are YOU right now?!! Enjoy every single minute- I know you will. Eat lots of bread and cheese and pastries. Mmmm... jambon. There's nothing better than a french baguette with jambon crude et fromage. (Except for its equivalent, a panino italiano with prosciutto crudo e formaggio.)
    Live it up for me! Take pics!