7 August 2014

Healing by the ocean

We've been in sunny and hot (and at times rainy) Florida for almost two glorious weeks. 

It was these two weeks that got me through the hardest days in my classroom.

This is what I imagined when I was feeling sad about my empty uterus.

It was this beach that I channeled when I got anxious about our adoption -- and will continue to channel as we wait. 

Btw, we were paired with a new social worker who we need to call when we for home. She's on vacation too right now. 

I wish I could say that IF didn't come on this trip. 

She did. 

And I've also had a bunch of pg dreams. 

How's that for some strange subconscious craziness? 

This vacation has been full of rest and prayer. 

Two things I've needed so much. 

I'd like to dream that next summer our vacation will be so different, but I know better than to make plans. 

I've made God laugh enough. 


  1. Yeah, I've made God laugh enough too....and the beach is a great place to rest...reflect..and get refreshed!

  2. So glad you guys got some respite. You deserve it.

  3. So glad to hear that you're getting the rest and respite you need!

  4. Glad you had a good trip! What a beautiful beach,

  5. I've been having some weird dreams recently too ... and then in the dream, I realize that "it is a weird dream ... why am I dreaming this?" Yeahhhhh ....
    I am excited for the new social worker - I will pray she is on the ball and things start to roll for you!!

  6. The ocean looks so clear and calming. It is a very good place to rest, relax and reflect upon what you have done, doing and want to do in life. Nice reflections!

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