19 April 2013

Mental Health Day

I knew at the beginning of the week that I wasn't going to make it until Friday.

Don't get me wrong, I love my class. They're adorable and pretty easy to manage (especially now that I am student teacher-free!). I was starting to feel irritable and short with them and I hadn't taken a day off in a LONG time.

I had dreams of fiddling with the new filing cabinet that I bought earlier in the week, but I woke up with a headache and I just couldn't get the gumption to get to the basement.

Instead I made vegan quesadillas (Dai.ya cheese rocks!), read the paper and tried to avoid all of the news coverage of the bombing suspects in Boston (quite unsuccessfully).

The only things I accomplished was getting out of my pyjamas and a batch of cookies.

I'm not good at being lazy, but my body needed it today.

I've had a lot of thoughts going around my head: my adoption fears, the fact that two of my unmarried cousins have gotten their girlfriends pg, my crazy mother.

I need to let the thoughts percolate further.

Instead, I am going to remind all of you that the novena to St. Gianna starts today. Her feast day is April 28th. I wish we lived closer to her shrine so we could make a pilgrimage.

Btw, please include these wonderful bloggers (Amy, Marie, Kat) in your intentions, we need to cover these women in prayer!

And lastly, our lovely Rebecca has organized an IF retreat. Go visit her blog and get more details!

p.s. Please pray for Mr. JB's teaching assistant. Although he doesn't have all of the details, he knows that they have found cysts (but he isn't sure where) and the doctors are checking for cancer. She's a wonderful, faith-filled woman. St. Peregrine, pray for G! 


  1. Sometimes getting dressed is a perfectly acceptable accomplishment for the day - add to that baking cookies? I'd consider that a very successful Mental Health Day!

  2. I agree with Rebecca; that sounds like plenty to accomplish on a Mental Health Day! Sometimes percolating thoughts take all you have to give.

  3. I love mental health days....I've taken a few of them myself! I usually do nothing but watch tv or read...which is just what I needed.

  4. Mental health days are great and it sounds like you were very productive. Thanks for the prayers!

  5. Days off are VERY needed sometimes!

  6. All prayers with Mr. JB's teaching assistant. It is better to spend the Mental Health day doing something productive. Have a great day and enjoy!