4 August 2011

Prayer Request -- *Updated

Okay prayer warriors, we need you!

Please pray for Crunchy Catholic Mama's little girl, S who is in the hospital. She has been having problems keeping her blood sugar up and it keeps falling when not connected to an IV.

It's time to storm heaven!!!!!


Update: Little S is back home. The doctors still can't explain what is going on with her blood sugar. Please continue praying!


  1. Thank you JB for posting this! For those who don't know Crunchy Catholic Mama is me. I'll never put that on there though.

    We appreciate any prayers you send Maggs' way.

  2. Still praying, LA!

    Poor, sweet girl. I know she must be comforted by your presence, though - what a good mama you are.

  3. She's added to my prayer list. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Will do! My prayers are with her.

  5. Oh, dear - what does that mean?? Praying for her.

  6. Thank you for all the prayers. I put an update on my blog last night but a whole chunk of it somehow went missing. I'll try to fix that this weekend. Maggs aka "S" on CCM has been at home since Thursday night and seems to be doing well. More to come.