11 June 2014

Adding Excitement to the Chaos *Updated *Final update

The school is winding down, and I'm running out of steam.

I just finished my report cards (although I still have a little bit of curriculum to teach, shhh!!!) that are due on Friday.

We also got Mr. JB's car back from the mechanic after almost a month -- it took a long time to find a replacement clutch and then the labour was at least two days.

And $2200 later.


Definitely no counter top for me anytime soon.

So tonight when I got home I asked Mr. JB if I could drive the car around. I am not 100% confident about driving a manual transmission, but if he's in the car with me I'm okay.

We drove around our neighbourhood and I turned down a street where a house has recently gone up for sale.

And guess what? Mr. JB wants to see it!

We put in an offer on a house that we didn't get before my surgeries in Omaha in 2011. Since then we haven't been able to afford a down payment on another property since all of our savings were spent on hospital bills.

The house needs some renovations, but would be livable as is. It's on a quiet street and walking distance to our parish.

And the best part about it: Our future kids could walk to the parish school!

Although our townhouse isn't geographically far from our parish, our kids would go to a different, but newer school that requires busing (I believe it has to do with having to walk across busy commuter train tracks).

Since we moved to our neighbourhood I have dreamt about my kids walking to school. When I drive to work I fantasize about walking my children to school and then going to daily mass.

Honestly, the location couldn't be better.

Who knows what this visit will bring. I'm trying not to get too excited. The house looks great in the pictures, but for all I know it smells like cigarette smoke and cat pee.

Although I doubt it.

Could you please say a little prayer for the JellyBellies tomorrow?

p.s. I know that it isn't recommended to have a big life change during the adoption process, but I definitely think that purchasing a detached home would be a good thing, right? It's not like we're downsizing to a little condo! I'm trying to acquire a backyard for my kids!

Update: We LOVE the house. We need to secure a $20 000 bank draft to secure the offer. We have a credit line for half, but we have to find the other.  Our real estate agent said that the seller, who goes to our church and is a lay reader at our mass, wants close to the asking price. We're offering just under. 

Our real estate agent will be by in about an hour with the offer for us to sign. I'm trying to stay calm!!!! 

Please say a prayer that this all works out! 

Final update: Our real estate agent told us tonight that there was a second offer that was going to be presented tonight. We discussed it together and decided to up our offer to the seller's asking price and we dropped the home inspection condition.  Unfortunately, the other offer was well above asking so the seller went with them.  I'm sad and relieved at the same time. I felt like we were overpaying at the asking price since the house needed some work.  

IF has taught me patience. I guess that we just have to wait a little longer for our forever home....


  1. Sounds exciting! Praying for you both!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you speak of your children in this post. It sounds SO beautiful and exciting. Praying about the house for you. And good luck with the last couple of days of school!

  3. Amazing news!!! You're totally right, kids love yards=a logical step! Prayers comin' your way!!!

  4. Wow...that is exciting! Praying it all works out for the Jellybellies!

  5. Wow, praying. And your visions of walking your kids to school and going to daily Mass... um. yes please! I so wish I could do that too!

  6. Ah this is exciting! Praying this is your house!

  7. So exciting! Praying for you! We looked at a house that bordered the local Catholic school; we didn't make an offer because the top floor was somehow only about 3/4 height, which wasn't very useful.

  8. Sorry the house didn't work out! I hope you find one in a similar location, which sounds so perfect.

  9. So sorry the house didn't work out. It is so hard when you get excited about a place, but it is more important to know your limits. I hope you find the right house at the right price soon!

  10. I love where you're going with this. The perfect house will show up, and then you'll be so glad you didn't get this one. (I totally hear you about thinking that you're overpaying at the price that wasn't enough - that was how I felt about the house that got away. Glad we waited!) And I can't but think that the adoption agency would be happy with you getting a house with a yard!

  11. You would probably have regreted if you overpaid and the house needed more work then you expected. It seemed to work out for the best! I love looking at houses...it's my new "thing". I look online and in magazines...we are not in the market for a new house now...gosh no.

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