3 July 2014

Losing My First Baby

Before any of you panic, we didn't miraculously conceive. 

We had to put down my beloved kitty cat today. 

My first baby. 

My first real pet (fish, hamsters and birds didn't really count since they weren't exactly interactive).

When I lived out west while I was in university I heard meowing in the hallway. I opened the door and in walked a tiny kitten. 

She refused to leave. 

I sat on my couch and she sat beside me and put her head in my lap. 

She chose me. 

Although she lived with my parents because Mr JB is deathly allergic, she was always my cat, although my dad loved her as much as I did. 

It was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make, but we couldn't watch her suffer any longer. 

The vet and her team were so kind and patient. They let me stay with her and I was able to hold her while they gave her the medication. I prayed the Hail Mary and said a prayer to St Francis of Assisi while she passed. 

Afterwards Mr JB and I stopped at the church around the corner, coincidently St Francis of Assisi to say a prayer in the garden in front of his statue. 

My heart feel so broken, but I am so grateful that we were able to have sixteen and a half years together. 

Rest in peace, my beloved Fussy Cat.