10 June 2013

I'm still here

I know I've been AWOL.


It's report card season, and these pesky things are kicking my butt.

I have never been so behind. I'd like to blame it on the disastrous student teacher that I was plagued with.

But I won't. 

But all of you know that I do.

I don't want this year to end. My class is fantastic -- we built 3D shapes this afternoon out of marshmallows, toothpicks and plasticine and they had so much fun. They were sad that we had to stop.


There's three weeks of school left and they're excited about 3D geometry.

I will probably never have a class like this again, at least not next year. I confiscated nail polish from two little girls in grade one last week and they tried to tell their teacher that it was fake. Ummm, no. I could smell it. It was definitely the real deal.

I am trying my hardest to be at peace at not doing the trigger shot on CD15. I see our Napro doctor on Friday.

I still haven't decided how much more treatment I can take. My heart still doesn't stay full stop.


I know I won't ovulate without drugs. I am convinced that I didn't ovulate this past cycle, although I didn't have any ultrasounds to prove otherwise.

Have I mentioned that I can't handle ultrasounds. Honestly, take as much blood as you want, but please don't shove a wand anywhere near my ladyparts.

Non, merci. 

Please say a prayer that I don't collapse in an exhausted heap. The end of the year is the worst -- I have no more energy and I have to make sure that the kiddies are happy, engaged and still learning even though I'm pretty much done most of my curriculum (except for math and social studies, there's going to be some serious cramming this week!).

Let's hope that my students still love me after I work them to the bone this week!